National Domestic Workers Alliance
National Domestic Workers Alliance / Photo Credit: Othello Banaci

Everyone has the right to live and work in dignity.


All labor is valued and should be free from stigma and shame.


Workers should have voice and agency in choosing their place of employment.

Milk with Dignity
Milk with Dignity / Photo Credit: Terry Allen

Workers in every sector deserve worker protections.

Fair Food Standards Council
Fair Food Standards Council / Photo Credit: Shane Donglasan

Everyone deserves safe and fair working conditions regardless of gender identity, racial identity, immigration status or employment status.

Jobs with Justice
Jobs With Justice

Workplaces should be free from discrimination, sexual harassment, abuse and forced labor.

We’re working to create the conditions for all people to live and work in dignity.


The Worker Justice & Dignity Fund creates the conditions for all people to live and work in dignity.

We center the voices and vision of those most impacted by injustice to reimagine and build an economy that works for everyone. Here’s how our grantees describe the future we’re creating today.

We have learned and shared lessons in risk prevention. Our programs can document a history of uprooting abuses. We know that forced labor and sexual assault are not happening on Fair Food farms. We are attacking injustice and pulling it up at the roots.”

Fair Food Standards Council
Fair Food Standards Council

Fewer than 5% of H2 visa recipients are women. We are proud to support migrant worker women in their fight against systemic sex discrimination and abuse in guestworker programs. Together we are working to ensure that the US government lives up to its obligations to promote gender equity and protect workers.”

Centro De Los Derechos Del Migrante
Centro de Los Derechos del Migrante

Poverty is the greatest risk factor. We see prevention as key to ending trafficking. We are focused on worker rights in the global supply chain in order to combat worker exploitation. We support systems that allow for workers to have increased access to justice, and remedies for workers whose rights have been violated.”

Human Trafficking Legal Center
Human Trafficking Legal Center


Lasting social change often requires sustained action over time. We trust our grantees to know what is needed and make long term investments to support their visionary leadership.

Community support

Cohort-wide convenings to support healthy, sustainable leaders and organizations

Long-term investment

Multi-year general operating support

Trust-based practices

Grantee-centered practices, such as phone calls instead of written reports, to build strong relationships.


We address the root causes that lead to worker exploitation. By resourcing sectors historically excluded from worker protections, we seek to build worker power and transform the system.

Advance Effective and Comprehensive Policy Solutions

Hold Corporations Accountable for Safe and Dignified Working Conditions Across the Supply Chain

Expand the Agency of Workers to Live and Work Freely

Justice for Those Whose Rights Have Been Violated

Showcase and Elevate Models of a Just and Fair Economy


Key Staff

Holly Bartling

Director, Worker Justice & Dignity Fund
Holly Bartling

Our Partners

Oak Foundation ( addresses issues of global, social, and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. Through its grant-making, Oak supports others to make the world a safer, fairer, and more sustainable place to live.

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors ( accelerates philanthropy in pursuit of a just world by providing deep global expertise to make philanthropy more thoughtful, equitable and effective.


The Worker Justice and Dignity Fund prioritize multi-year, general operating support to a core group of organizations. We are not currently accepting unsolicited proposals, but we’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn.